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Say hello to the newest addition to the Slothster Staff's pets... Zazzy! She is a 7 month old stray cat that I adopted from the Maui Humane Society and I picked her up when she was 4 months old. She is an orange and white Tabby / Ragdoll mix (with a super fluffy tail), and she was noted as being 'shy but sweet', but over the last few months she has definitely come out of her shell and is extremely energetic, playful, and happy.
As you can see, she definitely feels comfortable around me... here she is lying on her back on one of the shelves of my television stand after eating a filling meal and running around the house chasing a laser pointer for nearly half an hour. She obviously is enjoying her life much more now that she has a 'forever' home, and hopefully she will be around for many more years to come!
Zazzy even gets to enjoy the outdoors here on Maui thanks to her leash and harness
As you can see, this kitty is loving her life now!
Here you can see Zazzy enjoying her new Petco Premium Tree Terrace... she is such a spoiled cat
A woman I worked with at a printing press asked me if I knew anyone that wanted a puppy. I was separated from my wife and waiting for my divorce hearing, and could use the company, so in mid-April 2005, I went to the woman's house and picked up these 2 female 6 week old St. Bernard / Rottweiler mix puppies. It took me a couple days to name them, and based on their behavior, I named them Sugar (right) and Sin (left).
Starting from the day I got them, I trained both puppies the basic tricks. As they grew, I taught them advanced tricks and even taught them a full array of non-verbal commands to help people with disabilities. The above picture is of Sin at only 3 months old!
Sugar and Sin would go up to the front door of my apartment and would grab their leashes off the hooks and bring them to me whenever they wanted to go out, and we would spend at least 2 hours every single day walking around or playing catch with tennis balls in the fenced off dog run. The above picture is of Sugar at only 3 months old!
As they continued to get older, they started to fill out and Sugar (back/left) started looking like her St. Bernard mother and Sin (front/right) started looking like her Rottweiler father. At 6 months old (above picture), I spoiled them by giving them their own queen-sized bed which they slept in only when I was home, otherwise they would just go curl up inside their extra large kennels until I came back home.
Sugar and Sin were literally inseparable, and they were very loyal to me... I would hold their leashes on just one index finger, and no matter who or what crossed our path, they never once pulled away from me. As you can see in the above picture, at 1 year old, these two were big puppies, with Sin (right) weighing 90 pounds and Sugar (left) weighing 92 pounds.
Sin was always more of a brat than her sister, and here you can see what I mean as Sin sticks her tongue out... I happened to take a picture at just the right moment!
A couple weeks after their 2nd birthday, Sugar (front/left) and Sin (back/right) woke me up with some loud barking and snarling, which was odd to me because they were normally very quiet. I got out of bed to find they were going after someone that had just broken into my apartment... they teamed up on the guy and ripped a chunk out of his pant legs, which later helped identify the intruder and put him in jail. This picture was taken about 10 minutes after the police stopped by to let us know they caught the intruder!
One day, someone didn't pick up after their dog, and Sugar and Sin contracted a parasite. As the weeks went by, I took them to 20+ vet visits, I had to give them 10 different medications throughout the day, and they still weren't improving. They tried to keep their 'happy go lucky' and sweet attitudes but they were slowly getting weaker. Here, Sin is lying on her side and Sugar put her head on Sin and they both fell asleep like that.
When things were getting worse instead of better and they couldn't stand or walk on their own anymore, I had to do the hardest thing I've had to do... exactly 1 week after their 3rd birthday, I brought them into the vet and had them euthanized. After the vet administered the painkiller, she gave the 'final' shot and I asked her if I could be alone with them while they went to sleep. The vet left the room, and I stayed with them until the end. I won't lie... I cried a lot. They were my best friends, they were there for me when I went through my divorce, they protected me when someone broke into my house, they gave me unconditional love and they never judged me when I messed up. They were one of the very few that I let into my heart, and it hurts that they aren't around. I know I did the right thing by stopping their suffering. I truly miss them every day. The above picture was taken the night before they were put to sleep... they snuggled together like that on their own and this picture always serves to remind me how sweet they were and how full of love they were for each other and for me. I trusted them with my life, and they trusted me with theirs. I'm forever grateful for having had them.
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